Cloud Architecture Retainer
Get expertise related to the cloud rollout ,when you need it. This is a plan designed for the senior executives in a company that are tasked with rolling out a large and complex cloud or software strategy. Your retainer grants you 24/7 access via phone, email, and chat. Rates for monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans are available.
Cloud Design Oversight
Are you getting ready to deploy to the cloud or are you moving to a new cloud based LAMP stack? Is your in-house technology team unfamilier with the complexities of such a transition? Have you had issues with rollouts in the past? Decrease rollout time, reduce your risk, and get your project to the cloud faster by adding my expertise to the project.
Cloud Strategy Session
Does senior management see the benefits of a cloud strategy? Are there internal departments coming up with conflicting requirements? Are your software systems out-of-date and need consolidation? Create a synergy within your company and get buy-in from all affected departments with this strategy session. I assist in summarizing the current company capabilities and how they can be transferred to the cloud. Included with this is a business strategy outline to assist in moving your project forward. On-site visits also available.
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